WE Theatre is a division of Web Editors Ltd focused on graphic design and web development for the theatrical industry. We have been designing production posters and strategic theatre websites for over a decade, working on high-profile award-winning shows such as Parade, Mack & Mabel and Victor/Victoria.

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Edinburgh Fringe Productions

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a unique opportunity to showcase your work at the largest arts festival in the world; but it's also the most competitive market you could possibly take your show to. WE Theatre has a wealth of experience in designing material for the unique demands of the Edinburgh Fringe - everything from creating a poster that will stand out amongst the crowd to helping implement that marketing gimmick that makes your production the show to see. If you're thinking of taking a show to Edinburgh - call us! We can work within most Edinburgh budgets to make a real difference to your run.

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Edinburgh Festival

During August, we have an office in the heart of Edinburgh, able to service our clients attending the largest arts festival in the world. Because we use VOIP phones, you can contact us on our normal number, 020 3327 3877.


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